MISSION and the British Lung Foundation – Ellie Lanning and Eric Compton

Author: Ellie Lanning

The British Lung Foundation is the nations’ only charity dedicated to providing help and support for people with all lung conditions. They were an obvious choice for a partner in the MISSION COPD project. After writing to our local BLF office, we were introduced to Eric Compton, Chair of the Portsmouth South BreatheEasy group, who quickly became an integral part of the MISSION family.

Eric tried to attend every MISSION COPD clinic. He spent time talking to our patients between their assessments to answer their queries and to put their mind at ease. He is a passionate advocate of exercise as proven therapy for COPD and persuaded several of our patients to take part in pulmonary rehabilitation.

Eric’s tireless work, in helping people in Portsmouth South and campaigning with the BLF nationally, was recognised by Portsmouth’s Best of Health Awards in 2015 when he was awarded the “Unsung Hero” award.

In Eric’s own words:

“I am a Patient Rep  with the British Lung Foundation, my experience  of Mission is one of a very valuable and an excellent support to Patients as you learn more about your condition which means you can self-manage your condition.” 

Eric continues to work closely with the MISSION team in developing and embedding the service.