Module: Project Set-Up

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This module will adress the scoping and set-up of your MISSION project.

Module structure:

  1. Video: Identifying and setting up your team.
  2. Document: Example stakeholder map
  3. Document: Top tips for engaging with primary care
  4. Document: Top tips for engaging with secondary care
  5. Document: example letter to potential GP practices
  6. Document: example training needs analysis
  7. Document: exmple data sharing agreement
  8. Documents: information from PRIMIS on running the Chart tool and GRASP searches
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Example MISSION stakeholder map When you first scope your project, it is a useful exercise to think about the potential stakeholders. We have provided an example of people who are likely to be stakeholders in such a project and sugg... [Continue reading] VIEW
Training needs analysis Remember, for many of your staff, MISSION may take them out of their ususal working environment, or provide clinical challenges above their ususal practice.To prepare for your clinic delivery it is a ... [Continue reading] VIEW
Data sharing agreement When setting up your MISSION clinic you will need to establish data sharing agreements with each practice. Many surgeries will provide their own agreements, but we have provided a template that we hav... [Continue reading] VIEW
Running a GRASP search To identify patients for MISSION we used a tool called GRASP from PRIMIS. This is a free tool that will generate a list of patients fulfilling MISSION criteria. The attached documents provide assistan... [Continue reading] VIEW
Engaging with Primary Care In this document, we share with you tips from our experiences of that first visit to a potential Primary Care Host.We welcome you to share any tips and experiences of your own through our Forum!... [Continue reading] VIEW