Module: Setting up and running your MISSION clinic

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Now that you have set up your project and started to identify patients, you can get your clinic set up and running!

This module will guide you through inviting patients, planning your clinic schedule, ensuring you have the right kit and running the clinic.

Module structure:

  1. Document: Suggested clinic structure
  2. Document: Example patient invitation letter
  3. Document: Example patient information leaflet
  4. Document: Suggested kit list
  5. Document: MISSION clinic clinical record template
  6. Video: Setting up and running a MISSION clinic
  7. Document: Suggested questionnaires to accompany your clinic and where to find them
  8. Document: How to interpret spirometry in primary care
  9. Document: MISSION pulse oximetry guidelines
  10. Document: COPD management guide
  11. Document: Asthma management guide
  12. Document: Stepping down therapy in Asthma
  13. Videos: How to teach inhaler technique
  14. Document: Inhaler technique teaching scripts
  15. Link: PHT Inhaler technique cartoon
  16. Document: How to use a nasal spray
  17. Document: How to use a sinus rinse
  18. Document: MISSION Asthma Self-Management plan
  19. Document: MISSION Peak Flow diary
  20. Document: MISSION COPD Self-Management plan
  21. Docuemnt: MISSION Asthma management magnet
  22. Document: MISSION COPD management magnet
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Patient invitation letter Your MISSION patient information letter needs to provide all the necessary information for this new clinic style. Here is the letter we used for you to adapt to your clinic.... [Continue reading] VIEW
Patient information trifold This information leaflet was used by the team to inform patients about the MISSION team. We have included it as an example for you to adapt to your project.... [Continue reading] VIEW
MISSION kit list We have compiled a list of equipment that is required for a MISSION clinic. This can be adapted to your local need, but is a comprehensive list of what we used.... [Continue reading] VIEW
Clinical record template This template was developed by the MISSION clinical team for use in the EMIS system. It describes all aspects that are optimal for a MISSION consultation and so can also be used as a general consultat... [Continue reading] VIEW
COPD management guide This COPD management guide, produced by Ruth De Vos and Jayne Longstaff, is based on the local prescribing guidelines in South Eastern Hampshire. It is included as part of the MISSION toolkit as a gui... [Continue reading] VIEW
Wessex Asthma Guidelines These Asthma guidelines were produced by the Wessex Asthma Network. These are developed to reflect the Wessex-wide guidelines. These are provided for your information but we advise that you consult yo... [Continue reading] VIEW
MISSION Asthma Self-Management Plan All patients seen in MISSION and diagnosed with Asthma or COPD should leave with a personalised self-management plan. We have included here the self-management plan we produced for the MISSION project... [Continue reading] VIEW
Pulse Oximetry Guidelines Jayne Longstaff and Ruth De Vos have produced this practical guide to the use of Pulse Oximetry in Primary Care.... [Continue reading] VIEW
Performing Spriometry in Primary Care We have produced this handy guide to performing Spirometry in Primary Care. This is a useful aide memoir, however we encourage all staff performing Spirometry to maintain an up to dat ARTP qualificati... [Continue reading] VIEW
When to step down Though most patients you see in MISSION will be poorly controlled and thus need medication changed or escalated, you will find some patients who could be stepped down. This article suggests some insta... [Continue reading] VIEW
Template Clinic Structure We have provided a template of the clinic stucture we used. This was the third iteration of clinic structure that developed through our four projects. You will need to adapt this to the space you have... [Continue reading] VIEW
Nasal sprays Nasal sprays and drops are often prescribed in Asthma but rarely taught to patients. In our experiences in MISSION we found these are often misused. We feel education in these drugs is as key as deliv... [Continue reading] VIEW